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We Buy Houses – Sell My House Fast!

Consider it sold!  We pay top dollar for your home and close when you want.  Need a quick closing?  No problem!  Want to stay for 3 or 4 months to get your new home ready to move into… No problem!

You will find that there is no other program available like ours.  What makes us different from the typical ‘wholesale’ operators and ‘no-money-down’ seminar investors?  Expereince, ethics and opportunity.

Cash Offers

We make the highest cash offers possible!  If you need to sell fast then our Cash Offers program is the right choice.  All we need is your address and some basic information about the home to get you a cash offer today!  You could have an offer in your hands in 24 hours. 

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10-Day Listing

Are wholesale offers to low?  No worries, sell your home fast anyway.  Just enroll in our 10-Day Listing program.  No yard signs, no lock box on your door and no annoying showings, if we don’t sell your home in 10-Days, just cancel.  No hassles, and no cost!

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Cash for My House – Pros & Cons

Many people think they want to sell their home for cash but then they see the offers and, well, they start to rethink the strategy.  Here are some things to consider.


  1. Selling a home for cash means engaging with wholesale buyers, they must discount your price in order to make a profit.
  2. You are trading convenience, privacy and flexiblity of closing time for a guaranteed sale on a certain date… that can be valuable.
  3. If you are in financial trouble, a quick close can mean the difference in saving your credit!
  4. If you have a lot of equity in the home, then the trade off may be worth it, especially if you have to  move on a certain date in the future.
  5. Time is money and the cash for my home process, also known as a wholesale real estate transaction can be a huge time saver.

10-Day Listing vs Traditional

If you are on our site and reading this, it is probably because you are not interested in having random strangers walking through your home at all hours of the day while you are asked to leave for hours at a time.   You probably dread having to put your life on hold while keeping your home pristine and clean like some cover photo of Luxury Homes of Phoenix!

That is what happens with a traditional listing, NOT with our 10-Day listing.  Give us the exclusive right to sell your home for 10 days.  We promise not to place the home on MLS.  Additionally, we will not put a sign in your yard or a lock box on your door!

We will place your house in front of our list of buyers and get them to make offers helping you to choose from the highest bidder.  No hassles, no drama and no repairs required.  We’ll coordinate the inspections, the negotiations, the contract signing and the closing and we’ll do it all for less than you think!

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Whether you want to explore a cash offer for your home today or are excited about our 10-Day listing, we look forward to hearing from you!