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  EZRE by EnTrust Realty 

EnTrust Realty and the EZRE real estate investment suite brings investors the premier advisory service needed in today’s confusing real estate investment market.  The time to invest in real estate has never been better.

Our professionals help clients by doing the hard work associated with residential and commercial real estate investments.  Deploying specific strategies based on time tested methods of investing, the EZRE program helps individuals and companies create cash flowing real estate investments that can boost current income and supplement retirement income without being involved in the ugly day-to-day operations!

“Real estate investing made easy!”

Quick Turns

Also known to many as ‘flipping’, this style of investing is not for the faint of heart.  However, with the right advisor and the proper focus, quick turns can be a great way to create velocity in a portfolio and increase returns quickly.   It takes the right advisors and the proper amount of capital and when those two come together substantial cash flow is just around the corner.

Short-Term Hold

Holding certain types of real estate for a short term, 1-3 years can be extremely beneficial.  Depending on the type of property, location and market conditions, stabilizing investment properties in gentrifying areas can be the key to generating profits.  Less risky than quick turns but for the patient investor, short-term holds can be equally rewarding.

Long-Term Hold

The age old adage that patience is a virtue is definitely true for long-term hold strategies.  Purchasing real estate for a long-term hold can give investors a hedge against inflation, allow the use of OPM to leverage ones investment and can take advantage of current cash flow while building long term wealth.  A well balanced approach for any investor.







Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investment

EZRE by EnTrust Realty allows busy professionals and entrepreneurs to diversify into the lucrative world of real estate investing without all the hassles typically associated with owning residential or commercial real estate investment properties.

From locating great properties, to negotiating the contracts, arranging the financing, overseeing repairs, managing the property during the hold period and eventually selling the property for a profit, EnTrust Realty professionals work with individuals, companies and their financial advisors to provide a full service, no hassle, one-stop-shop for investing in single family residential, multifamily residential and commercial real estate investment properties.

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EZRE by EnTrust Realty, a trusted leader in real estate sales and property management.  Real estate investing made easy!

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