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Real Estate Investing Made Easy

The EZRE Suite of real estate services makes hassle free, cash flowing real estate investments a reality

  • Locate
  • Negotiate
  • Rehab
  • Manage
  • Sell


We source great properties, negotiate the lowest price, rehab the property to increase value, manage the investment by placing quality tenant’s or prep for a quick-turn and sell the property for a profit!

Creating long-term profits and current cash flow for our investors while eliminating the time consuming aspects of real estate investing is the end result.

EZRE by EnTrust Realty

WHAT WE DO! With EZRE we help our client’s invest in real estate and avoid the hassles typically associated with owning investment properties.

“Hassle Free!  Cash Flowing!  Real estate investing made easy!”

Single Family Residential | Multifamily | Apartment Bldg.  Office/Retail | Commerical

From the novice to the most experienced, we are your trusted partner.  Flips to long-term holds with property management, we do it all for you!

Property Management Phoenix


We are experts at residential property management in Phoenix, AZ.  With many years of providing owners with excellent services helping to protect their homes while enhancing its value.


Property managing small commercial real estate is a specialty at Entrust Realty.  We help our clients fill their spaces and keep them filled with quality tenants that increase cash flows and protect their investments.

Office    |    Retail    |    Apartment    |    Multifamily


Whether listing a property for sale of looking for a great deal, we always negotiate the best price for our clients maximizing their returns in any transaction.


Through our affiliated business relationship, we have the ability to bring low-cost, high-quality repairs to our clients.  Whether it’s residential or commercial, fix and flip or quick turn, or even custom kitchen upgrades and bathroom remodels, we can help with any improvement needs.


Understanding the special financing needs of real estate investors of all levels of experience and property types, Entrust Realty has developed an affiliated business relationship with Dividend America Commercial Lending to provide both traditional and creative financing solutions to help our clients grow their portfolios.


We create hassle free investments for busy people.

 Entrust Realty created the EZRE Suite of Real Estate services to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs own real estate investments.  Many people understand they should invest in physical assets like real estate but don’t have the time or experience.  We help them achieve their investment goals in an EASY, HASSLE FREE investment that produces excellent long-term returns.

Real Estate Investing & Property Management

Expert Advice | Exceptional Service

We take a consultative approach.  Whether you are interested in owning one single family residential home as an investment property or an entire apartment community, we offer the knowledge, experience and services that give you hassle free, cash flowing investments in real, physical assets. The EZRE Suite of Real Estate Services make investing EASY! 

Residential, Commerical, Multifamily, we are experienced in all aspects of real estate in Phoenix, AZ including proeprty management for single family residential, multifamily/apartments and commercial. Whether you need financing, are using a Self-Directed IRA or completing a 1031 Exchange, we have the resources to Locate, Negotiate, Rehab, Property Manage and Sell in the future.  Contact us today and let’s get started!

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