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Property Management in Chandler, AZ

Property management in Chandler, AZ is available from many different types of firms.  Some offer flat fees while others work on a percentage of rents collected and some even work in a combination of those strategies.  Basically there the traditional management and the discount operators.

An analysis of the discount operators will reveal that if you are the hands-on type of investor that doesn’t mind doing a lot of the coordination of repairs, then you can save a little money each month with the discount property managers.  However, if you begin to use any of the services you’ll find very quickly that the property management expense can be much more than going with a traditional property manager.

Each style has it place and the real estate investor has choose which route to go.  Traditional property managers in Chandler, AZ will typically provide everything from collecting rents, locating tenants to fill vacancies and even taking those weekend and late night phone calls to handle tenant complaints.  Some traditional property managers offer additional protection as well.

EnTrust Realty is a property management firm that offers two types of traditional property management.  Traditional and Property Plus.  Property Plus is a unique program that offers real estate investors and landlords the protection of up to two months rent replacement or $2,400 (capped) instead of just the typical one month traditionally associated with standard rental security deposits.

This company provides management services in the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix market including Chandler, AZ.  Property management in Chandler, AZ takes on a unique focus as this tech driven community usually has more knowledgeable real estate investors and more demanding family oriented tenants.  To find out more about traditional property management or Property Plus property management in Chandler, AZ visit their web site or contact a property management expert today.