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Fix & Flips

Fix and Flip, Quick-Turn, just plain Flipping, no matter what you call it, this strategy can be used across a wide swath of property types and when performed properly it can be a real income generation tool.  Whether to replace lost income or to add additional streams of income, this strategy can generate larges flows of capital rapidly.  However, it is not for the faint of heart, on a risk scale of 1-10, the flip strategy rates a 7 or 8.

To be successful an investor must have the ability and willingness to tie up capital for months at a time, know when to cut losses and be prepared for surprises.  The right advisors can help prepare investors for the bumpy ride where there are exponential profits waiting on the other side!


Fix & Flips and Quick Turns

Deploying a fix and flip strategy is much more than just calculating the purchase price vs the sales price.  Other costs must be considered like the soft costs associated with financing, even when self funding.  There’s also accurate costs for rehab and modernization, legal costs and cost of the sale.  Proper calculations that include a reserve for unexpected expenses is a must.

Quick Turns can be completed with single family residential homes in as little as 90 days in some markets.  Other markets may take as long as 180 days.  When flipping apartment buildings or other small commercial real estate there may be a hold time of up to 1 year as the property is filled with tenants and the value is increase through steady cash flows.

No matter the strategy, EnTrust Realty has the experienced real estate professionals that help our clients avoid unnecessary mistakes to increase profits and create cash flow.

Designed for Speed

Time is Money!  This saying has never been truer than with getting involved in the business of buying and selling real estate to turn quick profits.  The key to success with fix and flip or quick turn investing strategies is not just with making sure that you have the proper calculations prior to making a purchase, but  it is also with the speed at which all parts of the transaction move.

Profits in real estate transactions start with the purchase.  When everything begins well then everything will end well.  The way to make transactions that much sweeter is to deploy the plan and complete all phases with a focus on speed.  Once this is accomplished then profits will be protected and in most cases amplified.  Interested in adding a flip and fix strategy to your investments?  EnTrust Realty have the professionals with the knowledge and experience to help!


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